Melatonin Dosage

Oct 3, 2017

Melatonin Dosage

Melatonin Dosage

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Facts about Melatonin and Dosing

For those who have sleep disorders, melatonin is not a new name to them. In fact, it is a good solution to the sleepless nights you may be having. Furthermore, it helps you fall and stay asleep during the night until morning comes. Sleep consistency is important in the growth and development of human beings. And a deprivation of that can lead to a number of health demerits. Anyway, the question here is what is the right melatonin dosage for you to consume? How much or how little is adequate to take effect? Before we can jump to the dosing, let’s first get familiar with what it actually is.

What is melatonin?

Melatonin is a hormone produced in the pineal gland. Its main function is to regulate the body sleeping cycles and make them adaptable to the human body. It is regarded to as the body’s personal pacemaker and regulator of the internal clock. For the melatonin dosage, the drug is manufactured in a laboratory and the contents packed in a pill, which you are meant to consume as per the doctor’s prescription. It is a potent solution to jetlag, insomnia, and other sleep disorders such as delayed sleep phase syndrome and rapid eye movement sleep behavior disorder. However, those are not the only uses of melatonin. Medically speaking, the melatonin pills are used for a wide range of health benefits.

Uses of melatonin

The uses of melatonin are important in its dosage since it helps clarify what you are taking the pill for. It is important to understand that melatonin is produced naturally in the body to regulate the sleep cycle. In the midst of the process, it is involved with other body processes which involve regulating certain body responses. However, the primary role of melatonin is to regulate the sleep cycle.

One, melatonin is an antioxidant that helps in removal of free radicals in the body. On top of that, it boosts other antioxidants present in the body to function properly. Free radicals are molecules; rather electrons deposited in the body. They can be dangerous because they easily bond with compounds forming harmful by-products. Melatonin comes in handy in that it helps neutralize the free radicals hence preventing any damaging combinations of free radicals.

Second, melatonin has a significant effect on the body’s immune system. That is relatable in that it acts as a mediator between the overall immune system and other parts of the body. It has shown immense benefits with cytokine production, neurodegenerative disorders, and acute pancreatitis. It is also linked to the brain, liver, intestines, kidneys and the cardiovascular system.

Melatonin has anti-inflammatory effects which are crucial in relieving headaches. From clinical studies, melatonin has been discovered to have altercations with some certain types of cancer. They include; breast, colon, lung, brain and renal cancers. Melatonin works as an anticancer agent by combining with the designated cancer treatment therapy to minimize the effects of cancer on the body. Melatonin also shows significant improvement with Alzheimer’s disease, gallbladder stones, tinnitus, and fertility.

Melatonin dosage

Finally, onto the core matters; melatonin dosage refers to a number of pills you should be consuming for the above uses. Most especially with regards to sleep problems and related issues. Melatonin dosage can be consumed as per the prescription of the drug and depending on age. The older you get, the lesser melatonin your body produces. The ideal time for taking melatonin pills is between 60-90 minutes before bed for it to take effect. When starting out on a melatonin dosage, it is advisable your first dosage comprises of about 0.3-1mg of melatonin.

For trouble sleeping – falling or staying asleep, take 0.3-5mg on a daily basis for nine months. Disrupted sleep-wake cycles, 2-12mg daily (during bedtime) for four weeks. For extended difficulty sleeping, 2-3mg of melatonin before bedtime for about 29weeks. Jet lag, 0.5-8mg of melatonin at bedtime for the next 2-5 days on arrival at destination. Melatonin dosage to support blood pressure levels, 2-3mg up-to four weeks. In cases of delayed sleep phase syndrome, take 0.3-6mg of melatonin daily for two weeks to three months. For REM sleep behavior disorder, 3-12mg daily for four weeks. Melatonin dosage for people with sleep disorders and problems with behavioral, development and mental disorders, they should consume 0.1-10mg of melatonin up-to one year

Another dosage: For age-related macular degeneration, 3mg nightly for six months. To regulate body temperatures in the elderly, 1.5mg of melatonin nightly for two weeks. For Alzheimer’s disease and other cognitive problems, 1-10mg melatonin daily for ten days up-to 35 months. For inflammation, take about 10mg of melatonin nightly for six months. In case of surgery, take 5mg the night before and 60-minutes to the surgery. For cancer, 1-40 (20) mg melatonin daily for weeks or months. For fertility, 3mg three to five days during menstruation. For headaches, 2-10mg nightly for two to eight weeks.

Precautions when taking melatonin

It is important that you are careful with melatonin dosage to gain the expected benefits. To get the best out of melatonin, you have to take it in the right amounts, as per the above dosing guidelines. For children, it is advisable that they refrain from melatonin, not unless they have a sleep disorder or the circumstances are unavoidable. For example, after a long day or because of jet lag, liquid melatonin is advised for children. People with autoimmune disorders they should avoid melatonin at all cost. For lactating mothers and pregnant women should speak to their physician before starting on a melatonin dosage.

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